About: Kc, Artist & Owner


Hippy Chick Gypsy Soul Cowgirl defines my life. A Colorado CWGRL native, I embrace and honor the Western way of life. Pretty is, as pretty does, sums up my core belief. Actions speak louder, and being authentic with who you are, is how I breathe.
As an avid horsewoman and outdoor enthusiast, I see the beauty in nature all around. Life has a way of making you stop, listen, look, and take it in. After a busy, very successful marketing career, I battled cancer and am a strong survivor. That Warrior experience of fighting for my life and learning gratitude for every day brought me strength and humility I have never experienced. Life is about living with joy and letting go. This is my dream, and I am doing it.
As a Cowgirl artist, I gravitate to bringing together recycled items and making something newly individual. Reuse items that still have their vintage glimmer and incredible timeless beauty. As a daughter of a man and woman who loved Native American jewelry and embraced this part of his heritage in this manner, I find the older turquoise pieces have so much individual character that has not faded. My vision is to show those off gloriously.
I also work with clients to create art for someone from their history. Make it matter. I went to school for fine art and photography and have always embraced it. Along that journey, I became a graphic designer and loved working in communications and marketing. Those areas I still create in and welcome to me. That also is reflected in the way I structure art. I like creating pieces and wearing something uniquely me.
My experience down this path started simply with a cow head a friend gave me. I was in a stressful time, and creating art with that brought me peace and calm. I have made many art pieces for colleagues (you will see in my gallery with a “sold” – feel free to reach out to me if one of the styles speaks to you, and I can make something similar for you), and they have encouraged me to create this next chapter.
As the story goes, one thing led to another, and I began creating more Western-focused jewelry, custom hat bands, and purses. I mix in vintage finds with those items, also. So fun! I moved on to merchandising my products in a storefront and working with other retail owners to build storytelling merchandising displays for retail shops. I landed here.
I create custom longhorn/cattle art by listening to my client’s wants and styles, honoring the animal’s natural beauty. Celebrating their space.
When I envisioned Ireland Rae Creative, I set a goal to create unique, specialized art, find fantastic one-of-a-kind products, support local artists, and embrace the overall energy we welcome with each item we make and the products we support. Plus, smile, giggle, and wave. You will see our Cowgirl sayings on a comfy t-shirt, art frame, or mug – and I hope you get a chuckle. Who says your barn and horse trailer cannot have some decor!?!
Our vision of your experience with our team is that we capture your power and style and give you the confidence to just BE the beautiful soul you are. Take each day with your individual yourself, and rock it!
We are grateful and appreciate our clients. We are Colorado local, and when you schedule a time to meet about your needs for your space or for a gift for a loved one, we will listen to what you want to reflect. We look forward to creating artwork you can have for your home, a treasured memory remade, a gift for a loved one, or simply making your personal style shine!
Thank you for shopping and supporting a local woman-owned company.